Hew, Suisse

We decided to take this opportunity on the basis of using the van (Chuck) to both stay in at La Marzelle and also travel a bit on the road. Breakfast and Dinner were offered and we accepted because we wanted to experience what it was like to share our life with French people. What we received was a warm, inviting and fun time with the family. They were ever so generous with their time and we felt that we had known them forever. I knew from watching French movies that they had a wonderful sense of humour. Well that was surpassed more than we could have imagined. Language was not a not a problem – humour alone can break that down alone. It was great to hear of their plans and it made us feel that we would love to come back again to see how this all develops. The week was just so good, the weather, the area and it’s history, but I think what made it was just sharing a good time with the family.

Octobre 2014, avis laissé sur Airbnb